Tuesday, January 16, 2007

about me..

So, it looks like blog tagging is making it's way around. I have been tagged by my brother-in-law mike crawford so i have to write five things that you probably don't know about me. This will likely be difficult since there are probably only two people in the world that actually read my blog and they know much about me. Anyway, here goes:

1) I had a nose job in college. Yes, it's true, extreme makeover style. Actually, my college roommate, dave hoffman, broke my nose during an intramural basketball game.....I had to have surgery, so they made me a new man :)

2) I once had a dog named peaches when i was a very young child. my dad thought it was possessed so he had it put to sleep...that had to do some long term damage to me.

3) Lynnette (my wife) and I will have been together for 20 years this September 17th. i think that i am finally starting to understand her...barely (no fault of hers, i'm just dense)

4) I once got in trouble (grounded for a month) in high school for putting a brown paper bag of dog poop on a girls porch and lighting it on fire. the idea was to have the people stomp out the fire and get their feet dirty....great plan eh? anyway, evidently, i was seen leaving the crime scene and was called by the parents of this girl at my home....needless to say, my parents weren't too excited...

5) I got to go to Korea for work once....for 2 days....I got to go to Brazil for work once....for 2 days....If i could do it over again, i'd push the issue and get a couple of extra days because the travel time to each of those places was longer than the stay.

Well, that's enough about me. Hope you learned something. You can now go check out the following guys, as they have been tagged:

Josh Longbrake

Kelly Byrd


Anonymous said...

3 out of 5 I didn't know. That is not bad at all! I've often wondered about your nose, dude...something just wasn't right. I think I just remember it from highschool subconsciously, but didn't know anything had happened to it, so it has often perplexed me...on the moments when I couldn't sleep in the passenger seat.

Mike said...

Didn't know the dog poop thing. I have a whole new respect for you...

Mike said...

By the way, congrats on the promotion. I am sure you deserve it. God continues to richly bless you. I am proud to have you as my "big bro."

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say wow - no wonder you are so pretty :)

Really, this is the first time I have visited your page. I am amazed at the different thoughts you have, and the deepness of them. You talk about someone talking about wisdom, I believe you are truly on your way.

Your blogs have given me some things to think about, and I am truly grateful.