Wednesday, December 20, 2006


so there is this guy that is a customer of mine that really, really has issues. any time a problem comes up with his system, he sends scathing, mean, arrogant emails. if you happen to work in the IT field, you know his type --- bossy, rude, pompous, know-it-all network administrator that has no regard for anyone else's feelings.

this week was no exception to his normal game plan. things did not go well with his support ticket and he sent an email just ripping everyone involved apart. in response to this, an email was sent to him asking to do his part in resolving the ticket since he wasn't so responsive to the requests of the help desk......boy, this went over well (can you feel the sarcasm?) he responded with yet another well crafted two page email that wasn't so nice. he even copied everyone you could imagine on the email all the way up to the chairman of the board....sheesh.

so my gut reaction is to kick him to the curb. i mean, come 'on, what am i doing even giving him a moment of my time? then i hear the little voice in my head....maybe you have heard it before, maybe not. but i think we have a responsibility to do something about this little voice in our was telling me to be a light to this guy in a really dark world. i'm not sure how this is gonna happen....on my own power, i think that i cannot do it, but it seems like i should.

so my question do i do this? what does it really look like to respond different than everyone else would respond? i pray for patience.


Mike said...

If anyone can respond with patience, it's you, bro. You have lived with my sister for 13+ years, so you are the expert in patience!

(I mean that in the best possible way...)

Anonymous said...

I'm presently hiding that little light under a bushel as fast as I can. Look at this watch as I wave it in front of did not see nor hear any light, you did not see nor hear any light.

Is it just me or did I suggest a "be a light strategy" the other day in the car?

But, see, now he's just gone too far, not even Jesus--no, wait that's a bit harsh--not even Mother Teresa could be patient with this guy anymore.

Hmm, repentance is imminent.

Jason said...

yes did suggest a strategy, i immediately discarded it and then chewed on it for the rest of the night...thanks for bringing it up....(i think)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to trouble your evening's musings. [grin]

It's been on my mind too.